2011 Surf Retrospective

It was tough to pick just one from each month, so I cheated a little on a few. 2012 brings continued hope for an elevated collective conscience regarding the state of our oceans and the creatures who share it with us. More fun sessions and adventures remain on the wishlist as well. May 2012 bring you all you desire.

blizz bros January: Blizzard bros

february February: I spent most of the month in Puerto Rico. This was a totally new thing for me. When I got there and realized there was a sweet little community complete with a rockin surfrider chapter, and surf everyday, I fell a little in love. Before I knew it I was back in the winter rubber.

incoming March: incoming!

art_and_waves April: Had the honor of making the banner for the MA Surfrider Chapter May Fundraiser at Flatbread. Put loads of love into it. Scored some, too.

pat going out May: The Rapture Sessions. The world didn't end but may as well surf as if it was.

rainbow after beach cleanup June: Obligatory rainbow shot. This was at International Surfing Day and there were actually fun waves that morning. I helped at the beach cleanup later in the day and at the end, we were treated to this rainbow.

july July: Creative sessioning. Caught a summer evening moon session followed by suprisingly good surf the next morning.

lovahs August: Got the old cow fitted up with a surfboard rack. Another day, another dream come true. Some spots are easier to access by bike!

curl September: Before Irene, Katia, Maria and Ophelia, there was this magical day in early September. Shot with the Holga 120 CFN.

nor'easter and dayafter October: Crazy pre-halloween nor'easter and beautiful dawn patrol halloween morning.

Thanksgiving Morn November: Thanksgiving swell.

December: We end where we started... or rather - where we were just a few mornings ago. Waiting for first light.

I Love You

People so seldom say I love you
And then it's either too late or love goes.
So when I tell you I love you,
It doesn't mean I know you'll never go,
Only that I wish you didn't have to.
~ Rumi

Darkness + Light

More Analoggin' and a Bit-o-Shreddin'

November and December pics through the Olympus Pen EE. we can be colorful solstice ins*pure*ation somewhere north of somewhere south of somewhere hinty surprise november Pray 4 surf... amen.

Peace, Love, Joy, Health & Good Wishes to All

Found a few snowflakes for everyone. Cheers! ~ j snowflakes

Solstice Session | Winter 2011

Winter solstice surf in 2010 and in 2009 were polar opposite to this year's - complete with snow, a good little swell, and chilly temps. In contrast, today was warm and sunny with clean lil longboard waves. My hood was off before sunrise. Though the waves were small, I still had a hard time leaving. Always want to stay.

solstice dawn sometimes... solstice loggin it's just

Fall Finales

give you the moon and sungive you the moon and sun

...the ocean's breath

wings to fly

Almost Winter

A sampling of last week's sessions. Forgot my good camera on Friday the 16th (the money day - it was soooo good!). Dawnies on Dec 14th + 16th; slacker weekend sessions with offshore winds and incoming tide Dec 17th + 18th. wednesday - Dec 14th friday - one more friday - dec 16th saturday - tiny birds saturday - afternoon colors saturday - xstep sunday - liz goin right sunday - sunday sunshine

Little Rights, Little Lefts

little right little left

Nothing and Everything

decemberone afterglow more dawn skyfire last light

Town + Country

New England style. Three days of consecutive surf, smiles and sunshine. Feeling big love for all of the people that I have met and will meet on this road. It is a good life.

Thanksgiving Morn Glorious

Fire Light my fire

more All day. Check out this same spot one week ago »

peeeeeeeeeeeel Loggin time