Little Windows

Ahhhh January... what an utterly lovely riddle you are. dirty saturday more one of these ned shreddd longboard special

Love Letter #74

Sometimes a little is all you need. snowwwy Sunday surf

Freeze Frames

morning sun colors misfit

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep.


Love Letter #72

We know life is about the journey, but the destinations can be pretty special, too.

a view with a room a view with a room

one day in a lifeone day in a life

the search/far from homethe search/far from home

stoke makers stoke makers/dreamers

Wish We May

Starting 2012 with a little saltwater and a little sunshine... january

And in the End...

At first glance, this photo may appear less than awesome... but pictures do not always tell the full story. The sun came out the second I got in the water and the surface turned to glass. Spent the remainder of the day sliding thru the final sunset of 2011. sea ya lata 2011