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Valentine's Day Message in a Bottle

Valentine's Day 2012 was the perfect occasion to show the Massachusetts Bottle Bill a little LOVE. And that is just what Surfrider MA did (along with MASSPIRG, The Massachusetts Sierra Club, and a list of about 45 other groups), by helping to deliver endorsements from 352 businesses to the Legislature in support of the Bottle Bill.

For over 10 years folks have been trying to get one of Massachusetts' most successful recycling programs updated to include the newer beverage bottles that have come on the market since it's enactment in 1983. These bottles include the multitudes of single-use plastic water bottles and energy drinks. Yes, the containers are recyclable but many are consumed "on-the-run" and do not end up making it to curbside recycling. Instead, they end up littering our cities, parks and, eventually, our oceans.

It is simple. If these bottles were redeemable, there would be plenty of people who would be happy to collect the bottles and get the deposit. Until producers step up and create more sustainable product, we need to take every measure possible to ensure that these containers do not become waste.

What some business owners are saying:

"This bill will eliminate a lot of plastic waste. It's a pretty basic idea and important as well. We get a refund on some bottles already. Why not all?"
- Kathy Ball, Textures Hair Studios, Fitchburg.
"We endorsed it because it’s good for the environment and the economy. It cuts down on the amount of solid waste and is just common sense."
- Sean, Copy Cat, Amherst.
"It just seems like the next logical step. If we can recycle some bottles we should be able to recycle all bottles."
- Matthew King, Food for Thought Book Store, Amherst.

Check out coverage of the Press Event:
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Learn more about the MA Bottle Bill:
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A typical sight on my morning commute

Zen and the Art of Small Wave Riding

This winter has been unequivocally F-L-A-T. Still grateful for these longboard sessions that soothe the soul just enough + provide that little bit of vitamin sea. Jamie sparkle Jamie late afternoon loggin small clean zen finz Pray for surf.

Double Dip

More tiny glassies. Saturday + Sunday. An old spot and a new. all mine doubledip colllllllld thru the fence

Supersurf Weekend

Enough to get your glide on - almost enough to get your shred on. Is this La Niña situation making the small wave days more appreciated? Well, YES, I reckon.

supersurf weekend squall thru the lei Sunday glass

Lo-fi, Hi-stoke

Analog captures from January 2012. analog voyaging windows tradition/surf checkin fin + fish red vans/homies