2010 Surf Retrospective

Featuring a single, sweet surf moment from each month of 2010.

happy new year!
January: New Year's Day and we're starting the year off right. The surf forecast was calling for flat. What?

February: Honestly, this was a tough month. Not a lot of opportunity to surf and working a ton. I got maybe 2 or 3 sessions in. I recall feeling very blue; not on this day, however.

first aprés work sesh of 2010
March: Proving it is not always size that matters; this was my first afterwork session of 2010, a new spot for me, and only a 20 minute drive from my house. Sometimes it is about finding magic in the small things.

saturday sliders
April: One of my favorite longboard honey holes... ok, one of my all-time favorite places ever. Amy going right.

trevor 1
May: Northern love. Ralph's buddy Trevor shredding.

party wave
June: It was skin-crawlingly flat with a few super depressing, piddly sessions here and there. This photo kind of sums it up. I recall watching a lot of surf movies in June.

July: Finally started putting a little time in on my fish. This was a good session even though I ended up with a giant ding in my rail. Yeah, the lineup was full of rabid, surf-starved zombie creatures... just like me!

August: Best waves I had seen in a long time. This is NH during Tropical Storm Danielle.

September: Oh Igor. We had something special. I camped out for a week in RI and savored every moment.

October: Got about 10 sessions in during the tenth month of the year. There were lots of small waves and a bit of a flatspell. This was a super fun, unexpected, sunny session on Halloween. Here is Andrew enjoying a little left.

November: Nothing short of awesome. We seemed to have magical surf and sunsets all month long.

December: Truly the best one that I remember. So many fun sessions and, at times, some very humbling conditions. Absolutely unforgettable.

surf's up!
Here's to 2011! May you find peace, love and stoke in everything you do.


I am currently chest to head high in a three-way. It is (winter)+(surfing)+(me) enjoying many special moments together. Invigorating, pure, peaceful and lately, it's been downright surfgasmic. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I am right where I'm supposed to be.

Solstice Session | Winter 2010

I like to mark as many occasions as possible with surfing but solstices are extra special. This year there was a full-moon lunar eclipse. I checked the sky at around 3am but it was busy making snow and getting all wintery. Meanwhile, the ocean was brewing up some magic.

Love Letter #19

Sometimes the best sessions are the ones that materialize out of nowhere. They call you out of bed from miles away. Sometimes you listen, take that familiar drive down to the seaside and there they are just as you knew they would be. This happens sometimes.

i know a place
give thanks for small gifts.

The Humbling Rumble

Ahhhh... another swell here and gone. I did my best to seek out the spots where I would be able to score a few gems.

pretty empty lineup


I got a few lil bombs here and there but am left feeling strangely unsatisfied and like such a beginner... so small and insignificant. She doesn't even know my name. The sea owes me nothing. But still... I owe her the world.


oh my
all i need to set me right.

Surfrider Beach Cleanup, NH

Surfed my heart out all morning and then joined up with Surfrider NH for a beach cleanup. We collected 360 lbs of trash! Click here to see how you can help, too.

Jamie weighing the trash

future generation

Learn more:
» Surfrider Foundation
» Surfrider Foundation NH Meetup Group

MA Surfrider Event | Donovan Frankenreiter

I had the honor of helping out at the Surfrider Foundation table on Friday nite at The Paradise. We talked to folks about the Surfrider Foundation and the MA Bottle Bill which is in dire need of updating. The current guidelines have not changed since 1983 and need to be amended to include all of the new bottles that now exist due to the multitudes of new sports drinks, water and juice. These bottles are a huge part of our trash problem. Learn more about the Massachusetts Bottle Bill.

Learn more:
» Surfrider Foundation
» MA Bottle Bill
» Donovan Frankenreiter

Artwork | Fall 2010

Part dreamworld, part memories, part wishes, part love letters. These pieces are inspired by real events: sunshine, ocean waves, a sunny perch, a long road traveled, backyard discoveries, stoked folk and the flatspells in between.

All works are a combination of acrylic pigment transfer, acrylic paint and watercolor mixed with original digital and analog images.

8x8, Sparklebutta

meet me in montauk
8x8, meet me in Montauk

watching over me
8x8, Watching over me


8x8, slider

exit here
8x8, Exit here

live life.
8x8, live life.