Amor Septiembre

Sunshine, van, waves, new adventures and someone special to share it all with. Photos from a week's worth of fun, spanning the coast from Maine to Rhode Island.

Wild honeysuckle? Concord grapes pretty Rockdance waveriding Little boat sharing Rockpiles everywhere! Vanlife Happiness! Sunset rocks shimmering rocks Sunset at Hermit Island Sunset at Hermit Island New moon... Staying warm Going places

Photos 1,3,4,5 + 6 taken by Anthony Smith Rodríguez


sunrise waves colors Maine morning the walk van brewed coffee small summer peelers easy sunrise shine bright

A Few July Days + Nights

Turns out I was right (times INFINITY!). Life is better with a van.

KEEP OFF THE DUNES Seagreens-Dyptich Moonshine Van with a view still life Sunset Surfsnacks!


Years of dreaming have become reality. Looking forward to loads of quality time with this sweet beast. Images from our first weekend together... SURF included!

first fill Untitled Untitled sunshine daydream waves! fins! loggin' and fishin' Waiting for the rain to pass The sun came out for a bit... Sunrise by the sea

Tropical Storm Andrea

Life may pull us in different directions...
But we will always find each other in the sea.

Good Things... Puerto Rico Winter 2013

A few of the finer moments... Untitled Untitled Post surf breakies Untitled Freshies! Untitled sketches Untitled Just one of the gifts I recieved on my last night...