Hurricane Sandy

Somewhere in MA. Sunday, Oct 28, 2012. Untitled Untitled Untitled

Sunday Clarity

After Saturday's foggy waves it was a treat to have crispy, sunny waves all day. It was also day three in the wintersuit and it seems my body is finally starting to acclimate. Untitled Untitled

Taking Notice

At a favorite spot in RI last week I was sad to see plastic bottles and other debris littering the rocky shore for as far as you could see – and in extremely high density. Given the location of this spot, these probably washed in from the ocean (rather than people leaving them there). I easily filled a giant trash bag with plastic bottles, nylon rope, a few bags a bunch of straws, etc. In the lineup I mentioned it and suggested we all take some with us. I know one guy did. That stoked me out. Untitled Untitled

Into White...

With surfing, timing is almost always a factor. I timed things perfectly today by rolling up just as breakfast was being served! Fog surfing is much better with a belly full of chocolate chip pancakes. pancakes wallgazing into white Untitled Untitled Untitled secret surf

Raphael Sessions

Got a couple. Thanks Raph!
Untitled Untitled bees+butter beachbreak

Just Me, a Few Waves and a Seal

Yeah... that about sums up today's sessions.

Untitled Untitled Plastic Militia Beach cleanup in a cup...

Love Letter #109

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled