In Trim

Adding to the summer theme here with some more surf-inspired jewelry.
This time influenced by the beautiful lines of a single fin and the smooth, magical feeling of gliding across a wave face in perfect trim.

Singlefin Trim Pendant new friends Singlefin Trim Pendants Magical Saturday Singlefin Trim Rock dance STAY STOKED Shown above is a custom fin made for one of my surf sisters, Arianna from Stay Stoked Photography.
Custom typography is an option for yours, too!

Singlefin Trim Necklaces, Endless Wave Rings and other mermaid delights are available in my Etsy Shop

Photo Cred for photo #6 by Jacko

Atlantic Flavor

Back to my roots this spring and summer here in New England. Combining wampum (carved from quahog shells) with seaglass and precious stones. Melding magical ingredients into bohemian, beachy, mermaid goodness.

Sea Catcher Pendant - Wampum, Turquoise and Sterling Silver Quahog Shell Cerulean Seas Pendant ++ Kingman Turquoise and Sparkly Boulder Opal Set in Fine Silver with Gorgeous Handcrafted Wampum

Long Live Rhode Trips

A little late spring cleaning... A little late spring cleaning...

Rock Guy Creations

A favorite place Still a favorite place.

Gatherer Gathering.

Until the sun goes down... Until the sun goes down.

<< Sunday Vibes >> Wake up in a fog and drive around the corner to find your front row seat and morning glass.

PrAy 4 SuRf Give thanks and pray for surf...

<< Do it all over again >>