Irene 2011

Despite the usual hurricane lunacy, I went with the flow and had a bunch of good sessions. I even attended a black tie wedding in the midst of it all.

friday magicForerunner Friday: Had such a fun warm, sunny longboard day. As magical as it gets. By the end of the day waves were good enough for the fish. I like being there to welcome the swell.

firesky Saturday morning I paddled out into the unknown. (No pictures exist of these sessions due to fog.) Instead, please enjoy this lovely sunset/campfire image from the previous evening.

blingA note to friends and family: In the future, please refrain from planning weddings during hurricane season. Thanks + hugs! ~ j :)

I waited for the storm to pass on Sunday. A tree fell on my neighbors car and I nervously watched the trees bend and sway in the wind. Luckily that was the extent of the damage chez J. Some others were not so lucky.

Monday I was feeling frivolous and totally based my decision on water temps. That one more bikini-clad session on lil blue was so worth it. Later, I heard it was "freezing" up north... Got up there Tuesday morning and people were wearing gloves and booties already. Noooo! Not yet.

filthyStayed wicked late and cut my feet excessively doing so many rock dances. Ate all my snacks and shared with friends in the sun. Fun surf but the water quality was pretty bad - so bad that I can still feel it like battery acid on my tongue. I may have done a little damage.

By Tuesday, Irene had swallowed up Tropical Storm Jose and I was lucky to score tasty leftovers up north with glassy beachbreak gems and pondering points. Paddled out at a place I do not usually go. Progress comes in all forms.

just somewhereDon't always know where I'm going, but it always works out.

Farewell to August and Irene. Give thanks.


Unknown said...

Sounds like you definitely made the most of it. We had great surfs during our last cyclone. There have to be some positives, right?
Love your surf stories. :]

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