New Website for Special J Creations!

Hello again Bloggersphere!

I have finally made the move to having my own URL and Independent online store for Special J Creations. I will also be keeping the Etsy Shop going for now.

New Online Shop Home Page Snapshot and Link for Special J Creations
I am going to use the blog feature that is built into my shop to bring it all into one place where I will also be pulling content from this site as "throwback" posts. I am keeping this wonderfully rich blogger site, too, because it has become a journal of sorts and some of it is more personal than business (especially some of the sometimes "sad poetry", thanks for reading it if you did). I may continue to update here as well, just not quite sure yet!

If you have been paying attention to what I have been up to in the past few years, you may have watched as I became somewhat successful in capturing a piece of a "dream". Realization of the dream and the never ending chase has been a helluva ride full of hard work, plenty of mistakes, love, heartbreak, loneliness, healing and rebirth - and I am sure there will be plenty more along the way.

If you are still tuned in here please feel free to give the new site a visit: . I welcome your feedback as well!

Thank-you so much for your love and support!