Eye of the Tiger

on the edge

As some readers may have heard, the MA Bottle Bill Amendment came close to passing after it was added to the recent Jobs Bill in the Senate. Unfortunately, it was cut on Monday, July 30th in Joint Conference Committee due to strong opposition in the House. This is despite having support of 77% of the public, 208 cities and towns, Governor Patrick, and the majority of legislators.

The expansion to the 31-year-old bill would have added water, juices, iced tea and sports drinks to the list of containers currently included in the 5-cent bottle deposit.

"Sadly it's becoming clearer that big business is dictating how Beacon Hill votes. The bottlers and other big beverage interests trumped the people, the environment and the facts on this one." ~ James McCaffrey of the Sierra Club
"Instead of Massachusetts taking home the gold medal, by disqualifying the public's opinion, the legislature gives us more litter, more waste, and less recycling." ~ Janet Domenitz of MASSPIRG
You can read more about the opposition in a previous entry posted here.

Surfrider MA Chapter has been and continues to be a supporter of the expansion of Massachusetts' most effective recycling program. We won't give up.

Back in 1982, MASSPIRG led the fight to pass the original Bottle Bill. That just happens to be the same year this song hit the radio waves:


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