31 Days/31 Ways

I am absolutely loving this project. Read more about it here.

"31 days/31 ways is a journey in hometown adventure. We will surf each day in October and will try out a different wave-riding device with some of our favorite friends, sources of inspiration, and perhaps a few strangers. We’ll document our experiences through video, photos and words. Each day will be about sharing the wondrous experience of riding waves, the beauty of being in the ocean, and the importance of doing what you love."
- Lauren Hill from Drift Magazine article

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Second Half of Summer Retrospective

July flew by and August brought some nice, warm water sessions. Towards the end of summer, hurricane swell arrived like a promise made good.

Pure gold.
pj light

monday lines

There was one day (at band camp) in August that I went up to Maine and my fish tried to kill me. The surf was small and junky but isn't that always when stuff like this happens? My first surf stitches!

August even delivered a bona fide nor'easter. Spots that took kindly to a north wind were dreamy.

The hurricane swells. Our first storm was modest Tropical Storm Danielle. Here is a snap I got of Karen at the very beginning of Danielle. Small but fun.
k ride

More Danielle sparkle fun. Got this one of Spongie.
sponge sparkles

And one of Jacko in the sparklebutter.
jacko sparkle arms

Danielle stuck around, got a little better and I caught a couple more stellar sessions up north.
beach people

August............ die she must. September is here and Hurricane Earl is starting to show. I pulled up to one of my favorite spots ever and there was this dude playing jazz trumpet. Yeah, I got chills. You know when you just feel like you are right where you are supposed to be? This was one of those moments.
jazz trumpet and surf. so good.

Earl was hyped to the max with reports that he was going to possibly hit us. Thankfully that did not happen. But we did get some sweet surf.
lil love
this one is for Hinty and Jacko
Lea 1

Earl, settling in nicely with one of my eternally stoked surfing soul-mates, Mark.

Chris, turns around to thank the wave gods...
giving thanks

After Earl and Danielle we had a bit of a lull. During that time I made great use of my Waxbuddy and stripped off every bit of wax from all three of my boards.

Fast forward to the final days of summer and another superfun hurricane swell, Igor. I made a real surf trip out of this and reserved a spot at Fishermen's Memorial Campsite for 5 nites. Every day of this trip I awoke to fun surf.

Arrived on Thursday afternoon slightly ahead of the swell. Perfect time for a Civilian Litter Patrol Session. I filled an enormous bag full of ciggy butts and trash at the lighthouse before setting up my campsite.

Campfire by master fire builder John Hintlian. About 45 minutes later it started to rain. It stormed all night! First light brought sunshine and super fun surf - but Igor was still on his way. The waves we had that first day were generated by the storm from the night before!
Perfect fire

Two days later, Igor was finally out in full force.
Mikey B.
Sunset surf
Sunset surf

The last day was STILL fun. It was the second to last day of summer and there were still little waves to enjoy. Kevin and Eva savoring some of Igor's final offerings.
Kevin B.

Forever thankful for all of the good waves and good people I got to know a little more this summer. The journey continues.