A Window into the Darker Side

Update the Bottle Bill in MA

When you are trying to do good things, it can be pretty easy to focus on positive stuff. That is awesome and I like to keep things optimistic up here as much possible. But I want to also be in touch with the dark side so that I can be a smarter defender - not just an activist but a FACTivist. There are people out there who don't believe in re-usable water bottles. It's likely that they are good people who have been culturally conditioned to focus only on economics and job creation rather than imagining creative, sustainable ways to create more jobs and save the planet at the same time.

A few organizations work diligently to perpetuate that thinking, while others simply pull the wool over people's eyes by flashing their green-washed sustainability reports and "Earth Events" front and center. They stand in the way of people trying to create real change. The pro-plastic bag coalitions file lawsuits against cities and towns in order to keep plastic bags tax-free and acceptable. The bottling industry bullies down Bottle Bills and Bottle Bill Expansion efforts in order to keep things business-as-usual.

Listed below are companies opposed to Bag Bans and Bottle Bills. I wanted to create a window into that world - even if it is just for keeping tabs. It is scary (especially Save the Plastic Bag and Real Recycling in MA). Some of these coalitions have propaganda denying the evils of plastic, the existence of the plastic in the gyres and that it is killing marine life. There are links to each of the companies and twitter feeds for each. Obviously the customer-facing companies like Ocean Spray, Coca-cola, etc are just shiny happy marketing feeds but they are there anyways.

Bag Ban Opposition

Bottle Bill Opposition

More information about the opposition:

If what you are reading on this page leaves you troubled...


Join Surfrider, attend a chapter meeting, tell your friends, remember your reusable bags when shopping, drink water out of reusable bottles, encourage your loved ones to do the same, recycle any plastics that you come in contact with. Become a guardian of the earth - if others doubt your behavior just be patient and lead by example!

Learn more about the MA Bottle Bill and why it needs updating!

And now for some GOOD NEWS

Because even though there is a lot of bad, there are still good people working hard to do good things. And change is happening despite the opposition. And it will continue to happen. Here are a couple.

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