Some Kind of Wonderful

Head high with offshore wind all day. Soooo good.
Untitled Untitled Untitled seabirds

City Surfing on the First Day of Fall

It was nothing epic... but scoring within a half hour drive of my house is rare and always cherished. Longboarded for hours.
Untitled autumn Untitled Untitled

September Swoon

The slight chill in the air. The empty beaches and less crowded waves. Fresh-picked apples. Leaves just about to turn. More consistent surf sessions. Fall is here.
so many empty waves... warm car lo tide leftoverz Untitled

Hurricane Nadine

Superfun surf and some pre-swell beach cleaning.

Good surfers take care of their beaches... Pre-swell Beach Cleaning Matt Untitled Untitled Justin Flight patterns Jacko Untitled Photo cred: Dmitri Cantor for photos 2, 4, 5 & 7

Hurricane Leslie & Michael

Various points, reefs + beach breaks from Maine to RI over a span of 8 days.

weds am Untitled Untitled Untitled spec j Above photo cred: John Hintlian Hye Tyde sunset swell Untitled Untitled photo by surfisswell Above photo cred: Dmitri Cantor catch & release Untitled air sunshine, fire + rain sabulos Untitled spec j Above photo cred: John Hintlian Hye Tyde Untitled