Midsummer Daydreams

Nothing crazy here but looking back on some highlights from The summer. Unfortunately, the BP Gulf Oil Spill is what I will remember most about this summer and not so much the surf. All I can say is that I hope our country uses this as a catalyst for changing the way we get our energy. I am ready to make change.

And on to happier things!

First summer night session. The waves were tiny but the paddle around was lovely. A full moon.
entering capricorn

The first real waves of the summer 6/29. That's Jacko rippin it up...

And from earlier that day. Jacko got the first action shot of me riding my fish. Small surf but I still love it.
jbird fish ride

I can't recap the summer thusfar without including a sidetrip to JAMAICA for Justin and Erika's wedding. It was the trip of a lifetime and man was it fun. Look at us all just floating...
Group relaxation

While I was away in Jamaica, of course we got long-awaited waves. Luckily I got to surf the next day on 7/12 and there were decent leftovers. In fact, the leftovers lasted thru most of the week in various forms. Here is Carlos gliding thru to the inside section.

These were the best waves I think I saw all summer on 7/14. A little size, shape and speed. Got my first real FAST chest-high wave on the fish. Also got my first major ding on lil blue.

Not to worry because Keith Natti of Twinlights Surfboards in Gloucester fixed that baby up good as new!
glass time

Summer sessions. This particular day goes down as an official skunking. There were no waves at all but somehow this one spot in NH was packed with surf students. Kind of your typical summer situation.
summer sessions

One last July session on the 29th. Sweet nothings is the name i dubbed this session. Somehow I got what I needed here.
sweet nothings

July went out as flat as she came in but I love her anyway. Can't wait to see what the second half of summer brings. Hopefully no more oil leaks and loads of fun waves with good friends.