Cleaner Conditions

Surfrider Massachusetts Chapter and Barefoot Wine teamed up this past weekend for a beach cleanup extravaganza in Cape Cod. Thanks to all of the volunteers who made it out!

Special thanks to Barefoot Wine (for the fruit of the vine), Nauset Disposal (for the dumpster + trash removal!) Randy and the Oak Trees (for the sweet music), and Land Ho for hosting our after-party celebration (and providing tasty snacks)! Good work + good times.

The next beach cleanup will be on Saturday, June 18 in Salisbury, MA (with Surfrider NH) from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. Check out the events page for details.

180° to Awesome

Sometimes you need to shout out to the universe in order to change the energy surrounding you. Yesterday was not the best day, but today was pretty swell. Started out with a little work, followed by a little surf and then a little visit with the newest member of our family, baby Isabel. The positivity, hope, and inspiration meters are in the black. What a difference a day can make.

Warm, sunny, offshore.

1 + 1 = 3

The Fog

it was foggy when i got there
A mysto south swell delivered fun lil waves all last week and I was lucky to score a couple of quality sessions. But despite getting my fill of salt, surf and smiles, something feels off and I have been unable to shake it. Did something happen during that long double session on Thursday? Did I go too deep inside myself at some point? Is my fierce streak of independence finally getting the best of me? Or is it all just due to a lack of sunshine? All I know is that I am quietly clamoring for positivity, hope, and inspiration on so many levels right now. I want to liquidate everything in my life and run away.

Just when you think you might have an answer or two, you realize you know absolutely nothing.


(Not officially a real word but it so should be.)

fog riders
clean cam

christian rips

Petal Power: National Bike Month

petal powerI love surfing and that is what I tend to serve up most of the time here, but did you know that bikes were my first true love before surfing stole my heart? May is the "official" National Bike Month with May 16th-20th as designated bike to work week so I thought I would celebrate a little. I still love bikes, biking around the city year-round and hitting up the sweet singletrack trails that New England has to offer. Traveling by bike is the best way to get places quickly; to not have to worry about parking tickets; to get exercise; to see more; and to save gas, money and the planet all at the same time. Make this the month to start an awesome new habit. Bike!

Rainy Days and Sundays...

Sunday started out with big plans to drive north for a true dawnie. I wanted to surf the incoming tide and do a beach cleanup/clearout afterwards starting at 9am. This was an ambitious goal for a rainy Sunday with a questionable surf forecast but I was stoked for surf and the cleanup so I was going for it.

Sure enough, 5:00am rolls around and I am snuggled up warm in my bed listening to the rain outside my window. With very little thinking, I decide it is a perfect day to sleep in, bail on all plans, possibly hit up a yoga class and get a few things done around the house for a change. And that would have been a perfectly fine Sunday.

rainy drive
But see, I have this little addiction where I do not like to go for more than a day when there is any chance of surf - and I took a break on Saturday after feeling thoroughly surfed out from the non-stop swell we had all week. But then I heard people here and there doing the facebook statusing thing about scoring waves and having fun (despite the drear) and next thing I know, I am at the wall in NH.

Conditions looked less than awesome but there were people out. So I started suiting up. Got my suit on half way; peeked over the wall again; considered getting back in the car and driving home; started taking my longboard off the car; decided I was too lazy to fully take the longboard off the car and would just take the fish out; re-strapped the one strap I had undone on the longboard; considered bailing again; and finally said, "Screw it I am going surfing.". So I grabbed lil blue and paddled out.

I had fun and I was warm and I got a few. And I had that same awesome feeling that I get from being in the ocean and doing what I always want to be doing - even when it is not sunny, with light, offshore breezes and perfect waves. Stoked.

Surfing wins...again ♥

Besitos Finales de Abril

hello love

josh. coverup thru the reeds