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Love Letter #54

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Surfrider MA at OBX East Coast Conference

Over Colombus Day weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to travel with my good friend and fellow volunteer/activist, Andrew, to the Outer Banks in NC for the East Coast Surfrider Conference. We learned about how to get new members and keep existing ones; we learned about the Rise Above Plastics Campaign and Ocean Friendly Gardens; we learned how to make better use of social media; how to engage the younger generation; we met a bunch of really cool people; and yeah... we surfed!

wax onJust off the jet and about to sample VA Beach surf... Andrew waxing up his new stick for the first time. The water was warm and we did not wear wetsuits. There were thousands of dolphins out there. Super unexpected!

tobacco fieldsCruising through the tobacco fields of the south.

Andrew and SeanAfter a day of inspiring conference lectures we had fun exploring a bit and then surfing Jeanette's Pier until the sun went down.

Signage at Jeanette's PierOriginally opened in 1939, Jeanette's was the first fishing pier in Nag's Head. In 2003 it was sold to the Aquarium and in September of the same year, incurred major damage from hurricane Isabel. It was rebuilt under the guidance of the Aquarium and reopened in 2009 as an "educational ocean pier".

Jeanette's Pier windmillsDesigned to be "Green & Clean". The most obvious of the many environmentally-friendly features of the rebuild are the wind turbines that generate stored power to light the pier at night.

evening/morningMoonrise meets another sunrise through a vintage half-frame camera.

pelicansMorning pelicans in flight.

Nag's Head Sunrise Appreciation ClubNag's Head Sunrise Appreciation Club. One more before beginning the journey home.

We stopped in at Barrier Island Surf Shop along the way.

Barrier Island Surf ShopOver the Wright Memorial Bridge...

Andrew's crabBack in VA Beach. On our way to get one more pre-flight session in when Andrew spotted this lil guy.

Please check out Consider becoming a member (or renewing a lapsed membership!). Find a campaign that interests you whether it is reducing your plastic footprint or making your garden more ocean-friendly. Help create strength in numbers. Know that there is a place for you and that you are needed in whatever capacity you have available. Hope to see you at the next chapter meeting!

A Few New Works

Recently completed mixed-media compositions created with acrylic paint, acrylic gel medium transfer process and watercolors on canvas. All pieces are 8"x8". Seabirds DreamRockdance Surf is Swell

1. Seabirds
2. Dream
3. Rockdance
4. Surf is Swell

Ophelia Everywhere

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Raptoberfest Beach Cleanup in NH

Last Saturday was rainy and windy up in NH but I was still stoked to take part in Surfrider's Rise Above Plastics: Raptoberfest. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness regarding the dangers of plastic pollution and to focus on solutions. Volunteers scoured the beach for plastic debris. We then organized them into mosaics. It was easy (unfortunately) to find more than enough plastic for our artwork.

Jamie's RobotTrashbot by Jamie

Here are 10 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint borrowed from Surfrider's Rise Above Plastics campaign:
  1. Stop using single-use plastic water bottles.  In nearly all cases, the water out of your tap is just as safe – if not safer – than the water distributed in single-use plastic bottles.   Instead, buy and use a reusable bottle and fill it with water.
  2. Whenever possible, buy food in bulk.  Buying food in bulk helps to reduce the total amount of packaging materials consumed.
  3. Buy your music electronically.  By purchasing your music electronically, you avoid the need to create plastic compact discs, plastic jewel cases, and cellophane wrapping.
  4. Stop using plastic grocery bags.  Each year over one trillion plastic bags are used worldwide.  Because these bags are so light and thin, they are easily carried by the wind out into the environment.  Instead, use reusable bags to get your groceries and other purchases home.
  5. Say “NO” to pre-packaged single serving portions.  These types of products are among the worst when it comes to excess packaging.
  6. Reusable containers are rad! When it comes to lunch and leftovers, ditch the plastic bag and use reusable containers instead.  Reusable containers are just as easy to use and far less harmful to the planet
  7. Buy a reusable travel mug.  Use a reusable travel mug or to-go cup for your coffee, tea and other beverage purchases.  Think of all the lids (as well as the waxed paper cups) you’ll save.
  8. Always look for alternative packaging. Many items such as soft drinks, detergent, cat litter, etc. come in alternate packaging (such as aluminum or cardboard) that can be more easily recycled than plastic.
  9. Buy and sell secondhand.  Clothing, toys, baby gear, furniture, household supplies, sporting goods and many other consumer items can often be found through secondhand sources, thereby reducing the amount of new plastic entering the waste stream.
  10.  Recycle! In those instances where you must use plastic, please make sure to recycle it.  Most plastics can be upcycled to make cool and useful items, including Rusty ECO-stretch boardshorts!

discsThese plastic "sewer discs" are just a few of the estimated 4-8 million that escaped a water treatment facility in Hooksett, NH back in March 2011 along with thousands of pounds of raw sewage. Though a massive cleanup effort has been in the works all spring/summer, they continue to wash up - sometimes in large numbers. It will be interesting to see how far these have traveled when we look at other chapter's photographs.

Learn more about Raptoberfest and Rise Above Plastics here », and here »

Want to help be part of the solution even more? Volunteer at a Surfrider Event near you! »


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