Gnot the Gnar I Was Looking For

And I am not talking about the waves here - because, honestly, the surf was fun enough. What I am talking about here is water quality. The water was so gross on every level, that I came very close to not paddling out. Everything in my being was telling me not to. But this is after an hour and a half drive to get there. So of course I paddled out into the brown bubble-covered water and caught a few. Gnot the Gnar... While out there, I saw a couple of balloons on the surface and paddled through a plastic bag. There was also some sort of seaweed/redtide phenomena happening. This goes down as the most gnarly surf I have ever experienced. I do not see myself going back to this particular spot for a while.


Hye Tyde said...

Ugh!- that red gunk is so bad - plus the balloon fish & bag fish? a big bucket of yuck.

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