Here at home, nearly every session is cause for celebration. There is a unique beauty in the waiting, dreaming, scheming and hoping.

But at my "other home" in northwest PR, sessions overlap and run together in a delightful combination of hues. Blues and greens, oranges and pinks. The moon sets, the sun rises, the sun sets. The soundtrack is buzzing, chirping, whirring, wings flapping, wind blowing, waves crashing, a dog barking, a horse galloping. Pineapples, avocados + bananas fill my belly. The coqui singing us to sleep.

I hope to return to this magical place again.

way after sunset DSC_0998 IMG_3333 Andrew @ Wilderness neiggghhhhbor Water colors


Meggie Sullivan said...

Beaaaautiful. Life's goal to hear a coqui.

Johna said...

Thanks Meggie... I would love to see one but they are tiny and nocturnal. Here is a good lil sound sample though: http://youtu.be/C24IOVRYC08

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