Sharing the S.T.O.K.E.E.

"Surfing is the best thing ever!"

This website is a place where I regularly attempt to share my over abundance of surf love. This past weekend, however, I had a chance to share it for real with some awesome kids at the annual S.T.O.K.E.E event (Surfing to Offer Kids Environmental Education) put on by Surfrider, MA and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

lil shredder

Held on the shores of Nahant, MA, just beyond the hazy fuzz and buzz of the Boston skyline, this is an event where kids–who do not get to the beach too often–get to have a turn at surfing. It doesn't matter if the wind is a little onshore, or if the waves are less than perfect. Today, all that matters is finding the energy in that one wave that has traveled all the way across the sea for you to ride. All you need is someone to guide you to that sweet spot and give you that little push.

Jamie teaches the art of the pop up

At one point I heard one of the kids exclaim, "Surfing is the best thing ever!". In a sport that so often takes itself waaaaaay too seriously, it's nice to get back to where we all started once upon a time. In the months leading up to this event, I repeatedly heard some of the more seasoned Surfrider members saying that this is the best event of the year. They were right.

Photo Credit: Christian Kozowyk -

Big thanks to Surfrider, MA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Brickhouse, Christian Kozowyk and all of the volunteers, big brothers and little brothers that made this happen. I'm already looking forward to S.T.O.K.E.E. 2012!

Alternative Fuel

There are many places where getting to the surf can be a challenge. Parking lots (if there are any) are often restricted to residents, full, and/or costly. Some places even require you to take a tram from the parking lot to the beach. Simply put, it's not the way I like to roll. So, for a few years now, I have dreamed of combining my love of surfing with my love of cycling and the accessibility that traveling on two wheels provides. I bought a Carver surfrack over a year ago and finally installed it this month. This week marked our maiden voyage. The freedom was ridiculously satisfying. I look forward to exploring other surf spots via two wheels!

lovahs on the road glassoline Refueling with a little thigh-to-waist-high glassoline.

Cleaning Up x 2

First with timing, luck and inexplicably fruitful surf adventures all week. Then, with some down and dirty beach sweeping.

On Saturday, August 13, 2011 Surfrider NH and over 40 volunteers picked up more than 280 lbs of debris from North Beach in the final of the Summer Beach Cleanup Series. There was even a surfboard raffle, generously donated by Cinnamon Rainbows. Thanks to Surfrider NH, Barefoot Wine, Ocean Minded, Cinnamon Rainbows and North Beach Bar & Grill for yet another great event!

massive, heavy and stinky action

Love Letter #44

Some things change.  Some never will.
trail to gnar

I Stop for Berries

i stop for berries
i stop for berries
on rainy days
more like
puddle jumping
green and wet
a tangle of thorns
grabs my hat
as I dig down
deep into
the patch
scratch my back
for the ripe
and juicy
summer treats
eat them all
in one bite
chomp chomp
let the juice run
down my throat
enjoy the tart
the sweet
the present
the gift
a reason to stop
any reason
to stop
in the rain
and sunny days
i stop for berries


Brazilian Style Beach Cleanup


When I'm Down, and Feeling Blue...

I go out to the shack, so I can be with you.

oh baby...

Wave Conjuring

Dear friend home from far
New board green and so we go
Across a blue sea

fresh picked!
hike down
wax ON!
heather brown art