Beat it, KOOKS!

So, in the middle of this perfectly dreamy early morning session, these two fools appear in the lineup. Let's just say, they weren't getting much respect out there. an unwelcome guest

Calm Under the Waves

After the Dawn Summer Sea

Everyday Objects

Collected in between surf sessions. Some things that you would not expect to find and some that we are getting all too used to seeing. There are 29 identified items in this small grouping (and a few mystery items, too).

Everyday Objects Everyday Objects Everyday Objects Everyday Objects1. Nylon rope, 2. Mini alcohol bottles, 3. Lobster bands, 4. Single-use plastic water bottles, 5. Plastic hair comb, 6. Plastic straws, 7. Plastic bags (packaging), 8. Plastic spoon, 9. Electrical cable, 10. Plastic utensil wrapper, 11. Assorted container caps, 12. Cigarette butts, 13. Bandaid, 14. Plastic bubble wand, 15. Single-use plastic drinking cup, 16. Paper cup from fast-food restaurant, 17. Condiment cup, 18. Candy wrapper, 19. Plastic scrub brush, 20. Aluminum can top, 21. Duct tape, 22. Nylon Fishing line, 23. Air filter, 24. Beer can, 25. Plastic zip tie, 26. Shellfish netting, 27. Lobster trap door, 28. Plastic cup top, 29. Lobster trap cage

You Say Tomato


Down by the Ocean

green shell Down by the ocean
Down by the sea
Down where the wind blows
Wild and free

Light of the morning
Dawns pink and gold
Saltwater sunrises
Never grow old

Into the dusky night
Orange to blue
Stars we will navigate
Simple and true

Down by the ocean
Down by the sea
In shells and feathers
That's where I'll be

Taking Turns

Paddled into a beautiful sunrise. Two hours later I - somewhat reluctantly - got out of the water and grabbed the water camera. So glad I did. We passed it around. Forever grateful for mornings like this. Footage (and footwork!) by Michael, Adam & J. Untitled Adam sliding right sparklebutterz style for miles j dyp shaka! SpEcIaL thAnKs to Adam Fraser & Michael Emery

Never Give Up...


Summer Supper

Endless summer days + flat spells invite long adventures by SUP. Pebble beach to Milk Island to Thacher Island and back. Where wild seabirds nest. Snorkel break in a cove. Fish swim below. Another island on the horizon. Set your sights for next time. adventuring out there rockport rocks

Goodnight June

The last week of June served up a steady diet of fun summer surf, singlefin loggin and a couple of rippable days. I even caught my first few real waves on the SUP. curls right uke Untitled Hi Tide in Seabrook quiver

Dear Red Solo Cup

code red.

Dear Red Solo Cup,

I believe you could make a killing with an eco-friendly version of yourself. Imagine, a re-usable version of YOU? No more plastic waste and no more insult to your shiny red beautifullness when people discard you on beaches and in the trash. Every weekend you go from being the life of the party, to being just another piece of single-use plastic in the landfills. People adore you, in large part, because of your convenience. Others despise you for that exact reason. Some of our habits of convenience are taking a heavy toll on the planet. One of the biggest party days of the year is upon us and billions of beautiful red solo cups will soon be dancing the night away. It just makes you think... that sure must be a lot of plastic. I hope you will consider using your popularity to make some positive environmental change. You have the power Red Solo Cup!