Everyday Objects

Collected in between surf sessions. Some things that you would not expect to find and some that we are getting all too used to seeing. There are 29 identified items in this small grouping (and a few mystery items, too).

Everyday Objects Everyday Objects Everyday Objects Everyday Objects1. Nylon rope, 2. Mini alcohol bottles, 3. Lobster bands, 4. Single-use plastic water bottles, 5. Plastic hair comb, 6. Plastic straws, 7. Plastic bags (packaging), 8. Plastic spoon, 9. Electrical cable, 10. Plastic utensil wrapper, 11. Assorted container caps, 12. Cigarette butts, 13. Bandaid, 14. Plastic bubble wand, 15. Single-use plastic drinking cup, 16. Paper cup from fast-food restaurant, 17. Condiment cup, 18. Candy wrapper, 19. Plastic scrub brush, 20. Aluminum can top, 21. Duct tape, 22. Nylon Fishing line, 23. Air filter, 24. Beer can, 25. Plastic zip tie, 26. Shellfish netting, 27. Lobster trap door, 28. Plastic cup top, 29. Lobster trap cage


H2O Woman said...

This. Makes. Me. Sad.

Johna said...

Me. Too.

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