Dear Red Solo Cup

code red.

Dear Red Solo Cup,

I believe you could make a killing with an eco-friendly version of yourself. Imagine, a re-usable version of YOU? No more plastic waste and no more insult to your shiny red beautifullness when people discard you on beaches and in the trash. Every weekend you go from being the life of the party, to being just another piece of single-use plastic in the landfills. People adore you, in large part, because of your convenience. Others despise you for that exact reason. Some of our habits of convenience are taking a heavy toll on the planet. One of the biggest party days of the year is upon us and billions of beautiful red solo cups will soon be dancing the night away. It just makes you think... that sure must be a lot of plastic. I hope you will consider using your popularity to make some positive environmental change. You have the power Red Solo Cup!



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