2010 Surf Retrospective

Featuring a single, sweet surf moment from each month of 2010.

happy new year!
January: New Year's Day and we're starting the year off right. The surf forecast was calling for flat. What?

February: Honestly, this was a tough month. Not a lot of opportunity to surf and working a ton. I got maybe 2 or 3 sessions in. I recall feeling very blue; not on this day, however.

first aprés work sesh of 2010
March: Proving it is not always size that matters; this was my first afterwork session of 2010, a new spot for me, and only a 20 minute drive from my house. Sometimes it is about finding magic in the small things.

saturday sliders
April: One of my favorite longboard honey holes... ok, one of my all-time favorite places ever. Amy going right.

trevor 1
May: Northern love. Ralph's buddy Trevor shredding.

party wave
June: It was skin-crawlingly flat with a few super depressing, piddly sessions here and there. This photo kind of sums it up. I recall watching a lot of surf movies in June.

July: Finally started putting a little time in on my fish. This was a good session even though I ended up with a giant ding in my rail. Yeah, the lineup was full of rabid, surf-starved zombie creatures... just like me!

August: Best waves I had seen in a long time. This is NH during Tropical Storm Danielle.

September: Oh Igor. We had something special. I camped out for a week in RI and savored every moment.

October: Got about 10 sessions in during the tenth month of the year. There were lots of small waves and a bit of a flatspell. This was a super fun, unexpected, sunny session on Halloween. Here is Andrew enjoying a little left.

November: Nothing short of awesome. We seemed to have magical surf and sunsets all month long.

December: Truly the best one that I remember. So many fun sessions and, at times, some very humbling conditions. Absolutely unforgettable.

surf's up!
Here's to 2011! May you find peace, love and stoke in everything you do.


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