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With a clean slate to draw upon, now is the time to vocalize and visualize what it is that we want for 2011. I have a few things ruminating in my heart and head on a daily basis and figure it may help to say them out loud.
  • get van
  • more art
  • more surf
  • more love
  • more work
  • more water
  • keep running
  • more courage
  • more laughter
  • more gratitude
  • more push ups
  • more adventure
  • deeper take offs
  • more compassion
  • keep things simple
  • ask more questions
  • keep finding inspiration
  • worry less about what others think
  • keep searching for and refining the dream
  • create positive impact on environment + community
  • keep grabbing at life with heart, mind, spirit and all four limbs


Hye Tyde said...

nice ones! i'm borrowing just about all of them, maybe even the van - 2011: can you beleive it?!

Johna said...

Heck yeah! Surf van goodness for ALL! This is going to be a good year. I just have a feeling.

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