February's Final Embrace

This was one of the most difficult Februaries I can remember. A combination of regular old winter blues and lack of weekend surf, peppered with just enough missed surf during the week was enough to drive me absolutely bonkers. I counted a total of 4 sessions during the month of February. My final two surfs were on the very last two days of the month.

outta here
Little did I know. February still had offerings.

there were waves to ride!
Saturday Session South: A little mushy but sooooo lovable. Surfed a super favorite spot that literally called to me in my dreams the night before.

Last Day of February
By sundown on Saturday another spot up north was beckoning. And on Sunday morning, there she was, just as I had envisioned. Clean lines rolling in one after another.

Sunday Session North: This place. This northern cold comfort. Waiting.

Having something I love like this makes me realize there are so many things to be grateful for. I am always amazed that there can be so much pain in the world and at the same exact time, so much goodness. I hope one day to be less mercurial within my own skin. Perhaps I will find that peace. For now I find some comfort in the notion that the more precious something is, the more potent it is and that "now" is all we have.


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