Civilian Litter Patrol

What is the Civilian Litter Patrol, you may ask? It is an unofficial club that welcomes all people who are interested in making a little difference without a big, organized event to catalyze the action. As a member of the Civilian Litter Patrol you are free to wander the planet, cleaning up any little area that you think needs your help.

All you need is to carry a box of trash bags and a pair of gardening gloves with you in your car at all times. When you pull up to your favorite surf spot and see trash all over the place. Instead of getting pissed off, you can spend a half an hour tidying it up. Well... you can still get pissed off at the trash :)

Take before and after pics to show your work. Share your CLP deeds with others to help spread the goodness. You can be an ambassador of the earth and influence others – all the while scoring points with the waves gods. Brilliant!


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