How to Pack a Surfboard

Warning: super-mega nerd alert!

Create cloth-covered railguards for your standard pipe insulation to protect the rails. You will need a rugged sewing machine to handle this task. Sew loops on various points where you will feed your cloth ties through to secure the railguard in place. I used old sheets.

Cloth-covered pipe insulation.
Loop detail

I used a serger sewing machine to "finish" the edges of the loops. It is not necessary to have but makes it a lot easier. You can find used ones on craigslist.

Again, I used the serger to cut and finish the edges off the ties which are made of soft, stretchy polarfleece fabric.


With the railguard in place and ties fed through the loops, there is no need for packing tape. Next, feed bubble wrap under the ties. Since the ties are forgiving and stretchy, it makes it easy to squeeze bubblewrap through without popping the bubbles.

railguard in place and ties fed through the loops.

Removing the fin should probably be the first thing you do but I didn't. It was at this point that I removed the fin so that I could cover the tail in bubblewrap. After feeding the bubblewrap under the ties do a quick check again on railguard placement and tighten up the ties if needed.

Bubblewrapping nearly complete.

Now place in board bag and add the usual extra protection of towels and other stuff around the nose and tail and you are "bulletproof"... well, let's hope!

How cozy does this look?!?


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impressive skills on the sewing machine..

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