Remembering Ralph

Ralph I remember the first day I met Ralph and his wife Kristen up at Long Sands on that dreamy, sunny afternoon. Long-time best buddy to my equally goofy friend, Lance, Ralph had an awesome sense of humor and epitomized that kid-like, fun, eternally stoked side of surfing that so many seem to lose as time goes by. There was that immediate connection that you just feel with certain people. He was generous... sharing waves with me at his home break – and it was always a treat when we got to surf together. From the day we met, I felt comfortable shooting him a quick message to let him know I would be heading up north to poach a few of his precious waves – always in hopes that he may be getting ready for a session, too.

I still can't believe the news. My heart is broken. Rest in peace, Ralphie.

Ralphie and the giant closeoutRalph: victorious over an enormous closeout 11/10/2010.


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