The Fog

it was foggy when i got there
A mysto south swell delivered fun lil waves all last week and I was lucky to score a couple of quality sessions. But despite getting my fill of salt, surf and smiles, something feels off and I have been unable to shake it. Did something happen during that long double session on Thursday? Did I go too deep inside myself at some point? Is my fierce streak of independence finally getting the best of me? Or is it all just due to a lack of sunshine? All I know is that I am quietly clamoring for positivity, hope, and inspiration on so many levels right now. I want to liquidate everything in my life and run away.

Just when you think you might have an answer or two, you realize you know absolutely nothing.


HD said...

Look on the bright side, you have a great blog and a positive message. Rejoice in that, and don't forget to smile : )

Johna said...

thanks, HD.
smiling now :)

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