Tour du Nord

After a frustrating week of being tied to a cubicle while the surf was firing, I finally got a little relief.

Surfwax. Holga shot.

junodMet up with surf bud, John (Hye Tyde) in Maine just in time to catch the very end of the swell.

shimmerThe air was warm, the sun was out and the wind was light offshore.

little leftoversWe both got a few sweet little sliders.

it felt warm out. what is up!?It was warm enough to hang out after and eat a snack outside!

FUN O RAMAA trip around the corner to an uber photogenic spot! FUN-O-RAMA.

GRAINA side trip on the way home to Grain Surfboards. No one was home (they were probably somewhere warm with waves!).

Free and EasyFinal stop in NH at my favorite surf shop, Cinnamon Rainbows. John picked this up off the shelf and it just happened to be on sale for 10 bucks! Lucky day. I got the dvd and new mitts which I desperately needed.

iPhone PanoTried out the pano app on the iphone at Cementland before hitting the road.


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