First February Session

As I type that alliteration, I think of the many other "F words" I could pair with the word February. Some that instantly come to mind include: Flat, Fat, Festering, Flabby, Freezing, Fearful, Frosty and of course, my all-time fave: Fucked. From my point-of-view these words all go hand-in-hand with the month of February here in New England.


But for all of the depths that February can bring me down to, there is also the sense of getting closer to "turning the corner". The Superbowl is over and Valentines day is almost here. Soon everything will give way to Saint Patrick's day inebreation-fests followed by Easter's peeps and jellybean sugar-highs. The days are starting to get longer on both ends and I can't help but feel optimistic. Especially after yesterday.


Yesterday I got my first much-needed session in for February. The waves were nothing huge. Just fun, clean, fast little peelers. But if it had been a spring day, there would have easily been fifty people out. As it was, with a high of 32° and a steady, offshore breeze – even with the sun – it was cold. There were only 6 people out at a given moment the entire time I was there. For a while I actually had my own private peak. Conditions were fun enough to keep me out there for 3 hours.

get in there

I cherish sessions like this every time and do not take for granted the thin line-up. I know that even when I am living the life I have long dreamed of and idealized in terms of surfing, there will be many crowded, frustrating sessions. I have seen the future and know that I will look back longingly on the cold, quiet, solitary winter surfs that I have enjoyed here.

Though I am still eagerly awaiting spring, and a big life change in the fall, I think this year I will savor winter for just a little while longer. Fabulous, fascinating, fearless, foamy, floating, fleeting, forever... February.

aaaaahhhhh i have arrived


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