Love Letter #72

We know life is about the journey, but the destinations can be pretty special, too.

a view with a room a view with a room

one day in a lifeone day in a life

the search/far from homethe search/far from home

stoke makers stoke makers/dreamers


HD said...

Think it might be time to visit the east coast. Do you know anyone who might be interested in doing a house swap to North Devon.

Josh Aggars said...

Beautiful as ever Johna. Love shadow photography. I always used to throw shapes - need to dig up those old pics.

I thought you might like this graphic I made Check it out and let me know what you think. Gotta save the sharks!


HD said...

Hey Josh, I got pretty spooked the other morning sat on my own on out back in the frosty sunshine. We are probably more agressive than sharks, but it doesn't make me any less afraid of being eaten by one.

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