Studies Reveal: Skateboarding is 1,000,000,000 Times More Fun than Running

I happened upon this skateboard on a bit of a whim. A friend was checking out a used longboard at Pioneers and I went along for the adventure. I had been thinking about getting one for a while and figured this was a good chance to check out a few more and ask some questions. I knew I wanted something that would compliment surfing - something for cruising and carving around on. This 33" Globe Cruiser is what Steve recommended.

It just happens to be pink and orange and kind of matches my longboard. It has a stomp pad and a little fish tail. Pretty sure I'm in love.

Summer Song


Paddle, paddle
Summer's chant
Never stop
Don't say you can't
Paddle, popup, on your toes
Yeah, summertime's for times like those

Longboards, fishes
Funboards, too
Party waves
They'll bring a crew
Clad with rad mustachios
Man, summertime's for times like those

Friends and sunshine
Will delight
Evening sessions
Morning light
Stall and run up to the nose
Oh, summertime's for times like those

Flatspells, doldrums
They can sting
So scrape your wax
Then fix that ding
And watch your garden as she grows
'Cause summertime's for times like those

Seasons turn
And though we will
Pray for swell
When waves are nil
In hearts of surfer girls and bros
September bears the sweetest rose

Before the wind
To seed she blows
She'll line up fine
In rows and rows
For seasoned surfers, this they know...
Sweet summertime's for times like those
Yeah, summertime's for times like those.

International Surfing Day @ Salisbury Beach

Happy beach cleaners I
International Surfing Day is an annual, worldwide event to celebrate the sport of surfing while raising awareness about the state of our oceans, waves and beaches. This year there were over 200 individual ISD celebration events that took place globally.

Our celebration at Salisbury Beach, MA was super swell! There were fun waves for much of the day and the weather sunshined through for the early evening beach cleanup. We finished it all off with pizza, ice cream and a beautiful rainbow over the ocean.

rainbow after beach cleanup
Surfrider Massachusetts would like to extend an extra special thanks to everyone who made it to this event and to Surfing Bagel for, once again, providing us with a sweet spot to set up shop!

For special ISD membership offers please visit:

More photos and info here »

You Really Missed It

Insert thought in bubbleDunno about you, but I am not too fond of this scenario. Also, I can't draw hands.

You shoulda been here...

Three hours ago
Last Tuesday
You really missed it.

A year ago
This morning was great
Tomorrow could be good
You really missed it.

Just wait 6 hours
Maybe on the incoming
Maybe on the otherside
You really missed it.

You really missed it.
You really missed it.
Na-na-na na na
You really missed it.

Stormy, Stormy Weather

Apparently this is what the sky (right) looks like before it is about to heave lightning bolts all over the place and kick up the wind by 30 miles an hour. From inside my car I saw bolts that were so close, I could see the after-smoke.
stormy stormy

Summer Dazing + Simple Pleasuring

A brightly striped singlefin, shimmering lines + a shot of sun.

toes on the nosecolored glass.