A Wintery Beach Cleanup

We did our best to clean the beach despite there being a bunch of newly fallen snow in the rocky spots where we usually find most of the trash. Still, an awesome crew of people braved the elements to help clean.
beach cleanup crew hunkering down
Reusable bags donated from the Huntington Beach Chapter
my favorite surf shop!
When you hear about the Gyres and the islands of plastic in the ocean, and see images of innocent creatures suffering, it can be super depressing. I found hope the other day when I saw this interview with United Nations Environmental Ambassador and Pro surfer, Mary Osborne.

Mary explains that even though we can not just go out to the middle of the sea and clean up the massive plastic mess, the ocean has a way of eventually bringing it back to shore. So the beach cleanups really do make a difference! Hopefully they will also bring awareness to our throw away culture and catalyze some much needed change.

Special thanks to Surfrider NH, Cinnamon Rainbows, Me & Ollie's for delicious hot coffee and pastries, and Las Olas Taqueria for discounts on their yummy tacos!


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