Small Miracles

Total little surprise waves! And it was fun the day before, too. We had this spot to ourselves all morning. It was one of those freak sessions. All photos were taken by my buddy, Sal Smarra. Muchos gracias, Sal!

get in therrrreget in therrrrre

Jacko slidin


mmm... love

so long, long swell

Words are failing me today but I wanted to offer thanks to the surf gods for the multiple days of swell we got here in the northeast. This is me giving thanks and love in pixels. Photos are from MA, RI, NH and ME.

Captain Carl
november sunset
dirty little suckers

I heart Nemo.

Connie from Nemo
One of a few cool people I met from the outdoor product company Nemo Equipment based in Nashua, NH. They make rad camping gear but they are extra awesome because they have adopted this beach and do regular beach cleanups. Here, Connie enjoys a cleaner little left. I hope to join in on their next cleanup in December. You can also check out their cool blog, Adventure Anywhere.

love letter #14

a few random clips pieced together from the last couple weeks...
[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

love letter #13

Is November known for it's sunsets or what?

happy place

happiness is...

Halloween surf!

An unexpected day of waves and sunshine. Just what we needed.

i like it here.i like it here.

backside stylefish-friendly waves.


good day at the beach for alla good day for everyone at the beach.