Festivus Surf!

Well, I thought I might have been a little naughty this year but I was wrong because Santa brought many sweet gifts, including a session at a totally new place up in Maine. There was one guy out when I got there but as the session progressed, more and more peeps started coming out. The waves were getting better and cleaner the whole time.

Festivus Surf 2
Festivus Surf 3
When I got out of the water, I met a cool surfer chick who was parked behind me. Her name was Nanci from Aquaholics surf shop. She was super stoked and friendly and when she heard that I came all the way from Cambridge, MA she even invited me to stay at their house anytime. She and her husband, plus their son, were all out for a Christmas day surf. I had been talking to her son out in the water and could not believe she was even old enough to be his mom! Anyways, cool family and just really nice peeps living the dream up in Saco, Maine. I find these encounters to be pretty inspirational.


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